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Everyone loves a good story. As we blog about our journey through the art of storytelling, we hope you are encouraged by what you read. Our story isn’t really even about us, but rather about His-story. God’s been so faithful in leading us day by day, month by month, year by year with amazing and sometimes outrageous adventures as we follow Him. Sharing these moments with in story is an honor, and we are glad you are a part of the journey too.

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Communicating the Message of Hope and Life as a Family in Missions

When we moved to Texas to join staff at YWAM Tyler, we thought we had figured out what God was doing in our lives. Okay, let’s just be honest, if ever you have a similar thought, chances are something different is about to happen. Though I’ve always loved the area of communications, both oral presentation …


Since our big transition back into YWAM we’ve fielded some great questions from friends and family. I’ve included in this post a top 5 with answers to help you understand our work with YWAM.

Question: I think I’ve heard of Youth With A Mission, but what is it?

YWAM is one of the largest missionary sending groups in the world, and the facets of it’s ministry are vast. YWAM has 1,100 locations around the world with and estimated 20,000 staff. Just at YWAM Tyler Texas, there are over 200 staff supporting and working with 221 ministries in 105 countries! Continue reading “WORKING WITH YWAM”


As volunteer staff at YWAM, we deeply appreciate all our friends and family who desire to support, pray and care for us in our journey to make Jesus known to our world. 

Continue reading “PARTNER WITH US”


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